About Us

Welcome to Viva LA!

Viva LA is more than just the brand to show how much you love the city of Los Angeles – it’s a celebration of the power of collaboration and the incredible, dynamic people that make Los Angeles the most creative city in the world. 

Inspired by the pop art style and phrased coined by acclaimed Los Angeles based artist Andre Miripolsky, serial entrepreneur Christian Mitman has brought together a world class team of talent to create and launch Viva LA™ whose mission is to unite and inspire everyone around the world who loves LA.

Viva LA’s roots are founded in Miripolsky’s street art style which exudes the optimism of LA’s creative and carefree lifestyle.  But the brand truly is for everyone who loves LA – whether a born and bred Angeleno, a recent transplant, a visitor or someone who just loves LA from afar.

Viva LA partners with the best of LA’s creative culture to celebrate our shared love of this city which inspires us.  

100% of profits goes to support and promote the creative culture of Los Angeles in a way which provides opportunity and visibility for today's LA-based creative talent and to attract and inspire the next generation of creatives.

Viva LA is for everyone who loves LA!

How much do you love LA?



Thank you to everyone who contributed their resources, creativity, and passion to help us realize Viva LA - with special thanks to the following angels for giving Viva LA its HeartWings!  The people of Los Angeles and the world are forever grateful. 

Alex Dickerson PR  l  BIX Art Group   l  Bruce Mau Design  l  Bulletin Displays  l  The Brewery Arts Complex  l  Edward Kubow Real Estate  l  Google  l  Hollywood Arts Council  l  Karen Meena Creative  l  Ken Hertz  l  LAVASA Studios  l  Meghan "M." Hall  l  memBrain  l  Ron Robinson  l  Scott Reid IP  l  Syndicate X  l  Windes  l  WNDO/Budman Studios