Viva LA Events



"Celebrate LA, Every day." Exhibition,  Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles.


Talks at Google:   Viva LA co-creators Andre Miripolsky and Christian Mitman discuss Miripolsky's creative process and the inspiration for Viva LA.


Channeling LA Project:   Viva LA co-creator Christian Mitman discuss the "Channeling LA" project with LA street artist, M., to create 30 paintings in 30 days at 30 LA locations.



Cruising down Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on New Years Eve 2021! @mego_streetart doing her live drawing for Viva LA and everyone in Hollywood to enjoy!

 Viva LA Channeling LA project:  Runyon Canyon,  Artist: "M."

 Viva LA Channeling LA project:  Santa Monica Pier,  Artist: "M."


Viva LA 10,000 Flags Project:   Viva LA spreads joy across Los Angeles giving away 10,000 flags to the amazing people of Los Angeles!  Locations include Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles, Abbot Kinney and the Venice Skate Park in Venice Beach CA.   Viva LA! 


Viva LA celebrates LA Fashion Week at the Art Hearts Fashion event at the Majestic Ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles.  Featuring the LA street artist M. channeling the energy of the runway into art.  

LA Fashion Week 


LA Fashion Week